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It all started with a rug…… as my husband says.


Years later we have happily completed making our house a home. We love to build and create new things to bring beauty & functionality to our spaces. We are always being told that we should start a TV show as the DIY Island edition. So, we started this company!


 When we were building a lot of the projects, we couldn’t always find exactly what we were looking for, so we made them instead! That is a part of what we are offering when shopping with us. Your own unique touch to your order. We have many ideas to choose from and are always up for a challenge to create new ones. We look forward to making the perfect items you are wanting.


If you need inspiration for an event, decor, or gift I am always glad to help. We love decorating new spaces and creating new projects.  We will always put in 110% to make sure you have quality products. Our projects include a wide range of items such as crafts, t-shirts, signs, home decor, furniture & more!


We value  the sense of family and community, and by using our God given talents to be able to create and sell our items we feel it is only right to show our faith by donating  a percentage of our proceeds each month to a  different Cause in our hometown. When you shop with us you are not only getting a great customer experience , but also supporting our dream & community.


We look forward to making your space beautiful one piece at a time.

 Misti & Adrian.


Together for 16 years and  we still love working together!

Never too serious & always laughing..... but always making each other better versions of ourselves together.

 Our products go through very picky eyes before they  reach yours. We put 110% into what we sell. This is

a goal come true to have this company started! We look forward to working with you!

Misti & Adrian.

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